The proliferation of technology and social media has molded a perilous online environment where our senses are constantly assaulted with an endless barrage of information.
In this current age of complete distraction, coupled with our culture of superficial engagement and instant gratification, it is fathomable to turn to the Japanese concept of Ichigo Ichie for guidance in achieving mindfulness.
During the circuit breaker period, I was introduced to The Book of Ichigo Ichie authored by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles. Ichigo Ichie (一期一会) can be translated as “Once, a meeting” and also as “In this moment, an opportunity”. This means that each meeting and everything that we experience is a unique treasure that will never be repeated in the same way again. So if we let it slip away without enjoying it, the moment will be lost forever.
In other words, Ichigo Ichie encompasses both the idea of observing and