Previously we published an article on why You Should Not Choose the CPF LIFE Basic Plan.

Then we got readers coming back to us asking which is the best CPF LIFE plan.
So we decided to write about it to let our readers know. 😉

Numbers Behind the 3 CPF LIFE Plans

We used the CPF calculator to calculate the payouts and bequest one would get.

We used a male profile born in 1966 with 186k in his RA when he is 55 years old in 2021.

Fig.1. Source: CPF


Fig.2. Source: CPF

Basic Plan?

From a yield perspective, the Basic plan is definitely a good plan because more of the money is kept in the members’ own RA, earning interest that goes back into their own RA.

But we don’t think this is a good plan because what an average retiree should want is to have more in their monthly payouts, not more for their dependents.