Okay, sooo…. I’ve been staying overseas for around 1 year.

Here’s my first post when I reached Paris
​15 June 2019, I landed in Paris

And 6 months later, here’s the post couple of days after I moved to Houston.
17 Jan 2020, I moved to Houston

It’s been quite an interesting experience.
Can’t say it’s good or bad, I’d just say it’s interesting.
And yes, of course I’m biased cos different people experience a similar experience differently depending on circumstances.

I would say we are in a unique situation compared to the locals.
Firstly, we are living quite well. Many things are subsidized or covered by the company.
Then our lifestyle is also different, as we tend to be home-bodies, so we don’t go out much. Thus our expenditure is probably lower than a local here.
We try to shop at cheaper places, not where the usual expats shop.
I mean… I used to get free food in Paris, and in