ARA LOGOS Logistics Trust (ALOG) previously known as Cache Logistics Trust, the renaming was announced on 28 April 2020. In 2018, CWT Limited (previous sponsor of Cache Logistics Trust) sold all its stake to manager, ARA. In 2019, ARA announced that it would sell 10% stake to LOGOS Property. In 2020 March, ARA announced completion on its acquisition of a majority stake in LOGOS Group.

ALOG has adopted half-yearly reporting of financial statement but would provide quarter business update. However, ALOG is maintaining its quarter distribution policy. ALOG is considered a small cap REIT with market cap of S$ 0.61 billions.

Lease Profile

Occupancy rate is high at 97.1%, however WALE is quite short for logistics sector. Although more number of properties are situated in Australia, majority income is still come from Singapore properties. As majority income is from Singapore properties, short weighted average land lease expiry is expected. Highest lease expiry fall in the FY2021 at 33% of GRI, this post a slight concentrated lease expiry risk.