Dear Readers,


Thank you for coming here.

I got a call earlier this week from one of the VPs in my previous company.

He offered me what I wanted but could not get while I was still there: a promotion in title and a reasonable pay increment.

Essentially, I was given “my life” back with more perks.

I was pleasantly surprised. I missed my previous job in the past few months so many times: the feeling of having everything under control, the “better than great” work-life balance, the perks and of course the paycheck.

In the end, however, I said No to him.

The reason was simple.

  1. My mentor decided to take me in and actually got me an offer when I had nothing and when his company decided to freeze headcount. And he kept the offer for me until now. I also did accept the offer. How could I break the promise and contract at the first sight of other options?