With the covid-19 still looming in our presence, it has affected us greatly! People like you and I had to take pay cuts or turn to other sources of income.

Today, I am going to do a detailed analysis on being a Foodpanda delivery rider and whether it is worth it for you!

Competition Is Intense

Circuit breaker period meant that there were increased food delivery orders.

The weird part is most who were already doing foodpanda riding actually earned less. They faced increased competition with the influx of new riders during the coronavirus outbreak.

Quick Run Through Of How Much You Roughly Earn Delivering With Foodpanda


According to The Straits Times, doing 22 trips a day for 9 hours at $6.50-$7.50 per delivery can get you about $4,290 to $4,950!!

That’s even more than the salary of a diploma holder!!

Wow!! Makes you think of being a Foodpanda