This is a two part series where I consolidated all my reflection and lessons learnt into two posts. This is so that it will be easier for one to refer to and hopefully these lessons learnt are relatable to what you have experienced in your investing journey.

1. Importance of Interest Rate in specific industry

Imagine yourself as a borrower during a low interest rate environment, as a borrower with floating rates you will be paying less interest to the lender. This analogy is the same for REITs as majority of their acquisitions are funded by debt. Low interest rate is beneficial to REITs or borrowers but detrimental to banks or lenders as the lenders will be receiving less interest if the rate to their loan is floating. This is reflected on the price of some REITs and banks. Some REITs such as Ascendas Reit and Mapletree Industrial are not affected and are up 8% and 11% respectively. On the other hand