Rayner Teo is the founder of tradingwithrayner.com. He started off his career as a proprietary trader and eventually found short-term day trading wasn’t his cup of tea. He didn’t expect to be staring at the screen for the rest of his life and have since switched to longer trading time frames. He started sharing his trading knowledge generously since 2012 and attracted over 500,000 followers on his Youtube channel and 30,000 traders in his Facebook community. His followers come from all corners of the world with India, U.S. and South Africa forming the majority. This is a feat that made Singapore proud. Rayner has interacted with countless traders over the years and he has observed many common mistakes too. He shared five of them in this interview.

#1 – Not having an edge in the markets

An edge is a statistical advantage in a trading strategy that would help a trader make money in the long run. Casinos know this very well.