Hey everyone!

Glad to be back and posting again. I have been really busy with work and other stuff the past couple of weeks, especially since the government opened up for Phase 2 just 2 weeks ago. GE results were out yesterday, so to all those following the news, you would have understood the excitement and hype behind it.

Image from @unscriptoscript Instagram Page

I honestly can’t believe it’s July already. Half a year just passed with a blink of an eye, and time probably moved a lot faster due to the COVID-19 situation and lockdown. It almost feels like just yesterday that it was the start of 2020.

And like all other years, I tried to set aside some time to set some goals for myself earlier in 2020. Since its been half a year, its a good time to take a review on some of these resolutions. So here’s my post about it.