I came across this promo and this type of deal would typically go on the Telegram group but I think it’s compelling enough to get its own post: get up to $78 simply by withdrawing cash.

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Download soCash (iOS / Android) and use code SETH0693 for additional $3 (remember to input the code before signing up)
  2. Go to a Sheng Siong outlet and look for the green $TM machine
  3. Withdraw $500 by scanning your QR code

What happens is that you will get $500, but only $497 would be deducted (because you used my promo code 😉). Your next withdrawal will be $7.50 cheaper (1.5% cashback on $500), which means $492.50 would be deducted from your bank account for a $500 withdrawal.

Because the maximum per day is $1,000 and the monthly maximum is $2,500, here is how you should maximise this promotion before July ends:

  1. Day 1: withdraw $500 twice (get $18 cashback)
  2. Day 2: withdraw $500 twice (get $15 cashback)