Adulting might be 90% horrible.

But one of the good things that come out of it is being able to afford your own place.

While looking into methods to save for your new home, one big price tag that comes with it would be renovation costs.

While most of us eager homeowners would have our own dream Pinterest-worthy homes, we acknowledge the fact that the more we wanna zhng (read: beautify or upgrade) our space, it also means more dollars involved.

If you’re one who is looking to shave some dollars off your renovation bills, be sure to check out some of the tips below!

TL;DR: Here’s How You Can Save More Than $30,000 on Your Renovation Costs

What You Can Do Approximate Cost Savings
Design It Yourself $10,000
Have Fewer Built-In Furniture $10,000
Buy Big-Ticket Items at a Discount $6,000
Getting Your Lights and Fans From Malaysia $2,000