Why I like UOB out of the 3 banks amidst the announcement by MAS

To start off, I think banks are okay mid-term(3 years in mind) but in the short term its anyone guess as 2Q is likely to be very bad.

The MAS announcement triggered a sell-off on Thursday 30 July. Personally, I think it wasn’t really needed as I believed that if banks are to not do well, they would have cut the dividend themselves. This announcement seems to me that they are indicating that performances are going to fall by about 40% compared to 2019.

Personally, I am not in favour of banks (will explain the reasons later). But if I were to pick 1 out of the 3, it would be UOB.

Reasons why I prefer UOB(SGX:U11)

1)      Least Hin Leong Exposure.

-Although not mentioned from the bank sources, according to internet articles UOB seems to have the least exposure compared to DBS and OCBC. As such, it seems like UOB would be a better choice here.