Read? 3 Reasons Why Keppel Corp is Unsuitable as a Dividend StockPatchy track record of dividend payments

A hallmark of a good dividend stock is the consistency of dividend payments.

Unfortunately, Keppel Corporation’s dividend history has been patchy as the conglomerate was badly impacted by the oil and gas bust back in 2014.

Wah. Chun bo???

That why long-term Investing is always personal investing. It is always about you and your long-term annualized return!

One man’s investing return is another man’s poison!

All investment returns are judged on hindsight after Point X

Ask those senior citizens who are still holding Keppel Corp. Read? Keppel Corporation Retail Shareholders’ Day. Too bad. This year won’t be any on site Keppel Corp Retail Shareholders’ Day to check out.

Are Patchy track record of dividend payments necessary BAD?

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