Facing one of the worst crises of all time, and with increasing number of workers being laid off or furloughed, it is tough times for jobseekers. The task of securing a job will be even tougher when you are 40 years of age or older, with your whole life of work experiences mainly within the Marine and Offshore/ Oil Energy sector.

Yes, I have three friends who fall within this category. This is a non-fictitious tale.

They are:

  • Mr. A, approaching mid 40s years of age. (Local Dipl, private Biz Degree holder)
  • Mr. B in his early 50s (Local Dip, private MBA)
  • Mr. C who is almost 60 years of age (O Levels)

All are Singaporeans, having more than decade-long experiences within the “marine/offshore/oil energy” sector as sales/business development. All need a job as their main source of income. All have probably the same salary range with B the highest and most wealthy.