On Thursday, Sep 3, 2020, there was a massive sellout of tech stocks. The NASDAQ dropped 5% on Thursday. Apple was down 8 per cent; Amazon was down 4.5 per cent; Microsoft was down 6%. The losses were further extended on Friday, Sep 4, 2020.

Tech is the rage now and may possibly be the future – these are the companies that brought about new technologies which change the life.

In this article, I would take about investing in tech.

Wait, Isn’t The Title About Technical and Fundamental Analysis?

Yes, when I said investing in tech, I meant investing yourself in some tech knowledge. Who knows it might come handy in your future interview with a tech company. Or maybe you would like to use new technology to upgrade your products and services.

The hot trend now with tech is AI and ML, just put those acronyms in anything, and you can market it as something brilliant and cool.