Disclaimer: This post does not constitute financial advice, and is meant only for educational purposes. Please do your own due diligence before deciding whether to enter a position in Tesla.Photo taken from website

To many Tesla Shareholders, the inclusion into the S&P 500 this quarter was highly anticipated, and this was predicted to send share prices of Tesla soaring. However, it didn’t happen this time around. Instead, they included Etsy, Teradyne, and Catalent in the S&P 500 this quarter.

So what went wrong? Didn’t they finally make a profit this year? With a profit and a $400 Billion Market Cap, it would almost have been a natural choice to be included this time around. While the actual reasons were not released, there were many different speculated reasons; It could be because a bulk of their profits came from selling regulatory credits and not from selling cars. It could also be that they