When I first started StocksCafe more than 5 years ago, my intention was to share it freely. However, there are costs to keep a site like StocksCafe running, of which the biggest expense is data licensing, which easily run north of 5 digits annually. Due to this, I started charging a small fee for usage.

Today, I am glad to share that I might have found a way to make StocksCafe free again!

The short story
Sign up with Tiger Brokers using this StocksCafe link, fund your account and every SGD 300 that you pay in fees will get you 1 year of Friend of StocksCafe. There is no limit to the number of years you can get through this collaboration.

This program is open to all users of StocksCafe as long as you do not currently have a Tiger Brokers account.

For a limited time only: Be rewarded with 1 year Friend of StocksCafe (worth SGD 39) immediately!