Hands up if you have experienced this.

Your back is aching from the long hours spent in front of the computer working from home.

You spend countless hours researching which gaming chair to get, and chanced upon an attractive advertised deal for a chair that ticks all the boxes.

The headline price seems too good to be true, but you still hold on to hope.

You add it to your shopping cart in anticipation for the glut of year-end sales so that you will get a good deal

The day finally arrives, you open your e-commerce platform app to check the item out.

But tragedy strikes.

You are struck with the reveal of a much higher final price because the company had omitted a list of hidden add-on fees.

Source: Disney Pixar | Giphy

This lack of consumer protection is not new and is quite prevalent in Singapore.

This has been noticed by the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS),