So, I was watching the Pomp podcast, who had on his show Jim Cramer from CNBC’s Mad Money. The episode is roughly an hour long, but it’s a great episode to watch as Jim seeks guidance and education on the basics of bitcoin, and how to go about getting exposure to it.

As the show went on, he seemed to be getting warmer to the idea of purchasing some bitcoin, and even seemed OK with allocating 1% of his portfolio into bitcoin. Now we don’t really know if he did it or not, but we know he’s still thinking about it.

He also had a very interesting analogy, and throughout the show was really concerned about not leaving something for his children that didn’t make sense.

I think this is legacy planning at it’s best.

Bringing a knife to a gunfight

He’s a traditional gold bug. And in his “hedging inflation” handbook, he has 3 items in there.