One of the numerous things to do after buying a new property and when ready to move into is to update our NRIC. What does it take to change the address on our NRIC?  Pretty straightforward apparently. Just head to a friendly Neighbourhood Police Post. Bring along your NRIC, and some concrete evidence that you live in that property.  I showed the Police officer documents that showed I bought the property, but he didn’t seem none too impressed with that. Hello, that’s a $1.5m contract ok? Nope, he was not impressed.  But his eyes sparkled when he saw the PUB bill for $7. Whatever works. Seems like the preferred document is a bill from PUB to the new property. Nevermind it was only $7. The Police officer was able to get everything done on the spot, and neatly pasted a tamper-evident sticker of the new address over your NRIC, and