There’s one definitive trait of Adulthood that’s more relatable to us than anything else.

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Hallo polis someone just did a meme about me…

If you’re feeling constantly tired, you’re definitely not alone.

In this society where fatigue and lack of sleep are used as indicators of productivity and success, it is no wonder that most of us are sleep-deprived.

Did you know what Singapore is the third most sleep-deprived city (after Tokyo and Seoul)?

(Though we Asians, but definitely not the type of chart we wish to top.)

That’s pretty scary.

Apart from feeling soul-less and looking like sh*t, do you know that having a seemingly simple problem of a lack of sleep is actually very costly?

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On a national level, sleep deprivation has costs countries expensive economic consequences.

Source: RAND Corporation

Who knew that something as simple as clocking fewer hours each night could blow up to such huge economic consequences?