Following up my thoughts in my previous article on TOTO: Winning over the long run — Go BIG or Go HOME, I was pretty interested to zoom into a particular bet type for the lottery as it seemed to present a better chance (or probability) of winning at a lower cost.

iTOTO versus System 12

Singapore Pools launched iTOTO on 17 Nov 2015. iTOTO is akin to a lite-version of System 12. While 12 numbers are picked from between 1 — 49 for both, the key differences between the 2 bet types are:

  • System 12: Select 12 numbers manually between 1 — 49.
  • iTOTO: The system generates 12 random numbers between 1 — 49. It is a Quick Pick System 12 Entry divided into 28 units: Unit cost and prize amount is divided by 28. All units of an existing iTOTO bet must be sold before a new iTOTO bet is generated upon demand.
Bet type Number of
Ordinary entries
System 12 924 $924
iTOTO 924 $33