Yes, this post was literally 5 years in the making. In March of 2016, I came across IFTTT (If this, then that), and I thought it was pretty cool, and went about exploring how I could use it. One of the applets I used was saving each tweet I made onto a google sheet. I had absolutely zero use-case for it at the time, and it was just something I did, and then totally forgot about.

Yesterday, when I was writing the Google Data Studio guide, I decided to look into this google sheet, and see how my Twitter usage has evolved through the years.

Twitter Usage in Years

Holy shit! My twitter usage has starkly increased year on year! I’m already at 2520 tweets for the year, with almost the entire Q4 still to go! With a 2020 monthly average of 282 tweets per month (plus the US elections upcoming), it looks like I’m definitely crossing the 3K tweets for the year with ease.