Total Portfolio P/L

Since Inception
Total Portfolio Unrealized Gain: $37.21K

Total Portfolio Realized Gain (Including Dividends): $114.95K

XIRR: 6.21%

Portfolio Market Value

Portfolio Market Value (excluding Cash and SSBs)

Saw my portfolio contracting after prices reached the peak at the beginning of the September. It has since rebounded slightly in October, and the high in September has become a strong resistance level. The only hope now is the news of stimulus from US which could lift the markets higher.

Still undecided on the PO for FCT as the price has fallen below the PO price on multiple days after closing. I did try to queue below the PO price but it didn’t get filled. Monday is the last day I have to make the decision, and I am currently leaning towards not applying for the PO.

We are now in the last quarter for the year and will have to top-up my S