In this episode, I will share with you my personal experience of buying our current home, where we have been staying for the last 13 years.

Although I have to disclose something very personal, this is far more convincing than just telling you what you should do or shouldn’t do when buying a home for your family. It is also a good chance to let you see whether I walk the talk for my home purchase.

I am going to tell you in this video:

  1. Why we were buying
  2. How we bought our home
  3. Why it was worth buying
  4. How to minimize running costs
  5. Why we paid it off early
  6. How I define the best home for a family

You can now watch the podcast below. The video comes with full script or subtitles. If you are watching from your mobile, make sure that the “Caption” function is on. If you are on your desktop, turn on the “cc” button – the leftmost button at the bottom right hand corner.