It’s currently earnings season for many US companies which this subscription providers have been monitoring. (scroll down to understand more) The TAP Method: An Analyst’s Essentials is a new subscription service, released by Trading Analyst Playbook (TAP) in the midst of a currently volatile market, catering to those of us who recognise the enormous potential of the US market and want to take full advantage of it even in roller-coaster periods. Here are some recent case studies: Here are 2 Trade Alerts that were sent to Tappers in the past few months. As predicted, the returns were remarkable! Have a look for yourself: Case Study 1: Tesla Inc ($TSLA) Trade Alert sent to Tappers on 12 August 2020. With their Trend-Following Approach, this trade has yielded 62% (Best Price) within 16 Trading Days. Case Study 2: Beyond Meat ($BYND) Trade Alert sent to Tappers on 30 August 2020. This trade yielded 30%