First mainboard listing on the SGX since COVID-19! And very hotly subscribed – insane demand from institutional investors. But is it worth investing? Let’s find out! Basics: What is Nanofilm Technologies? Nanofilm Technologies was founded in 1999 by a NTU professor, Dr Shi Xu (featured on the cover photo). It was a spinoff from NTU, and is a high-tech materials company, “offering surface solutions based on vacuum deposition, including using our FCVA technology” Basically, it uses advanced manufacturing techniques to manufacture materials, that have many uses in the industry. What I like about Nanofilm Technologies? Leading FCVA technology It’s a technology company, so the technology better be great. And if the reports can be trusted, Nanofilm’s technology some of the best in the industry, way ahead of their competition. Their FCVA technology is particular is supposed to be very good. I extracted the