TLDR? Accumulating your first 10 thousand is not easy. Therefore, investing this amount for the first time can be a scary experience, especially with the cultural memes circulating about how so many have lost their shirts from investing. But 2 basic principles should take precedence in this journey. (1) Decide what you’re comfortable with losing. (2) Experiment with different portofolio techniques along the way.

Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed our post last week on how anyone can retire a millionaire. I also hope that listening to that conversation with my dear friend Mr X helped to inspire some of you to begin your journey towards becoming a millionaire, with just $500 a month and a 7% rate of annual return.

So for today’s article, I would like to breakdown how anyone can invest their first $10 thousand, and I hope this brings a lot of value to those who are looking to start.