A quick update – The Ant, The Tiger and The Far East
By Derek  •  November 2, 2020
1. Bought Far East Hospitality Trust (FEHT) I have been eyeing the badly hit hospitality sector for a while and have finally decided to take a nibble at Far East Hospitality Trust. The main compelling factor is Singapore is welcoming visitor from China and Victoria State (Australia). Visitors will have to stay in hotels under the Air Travel Pass (ATP) scheme until they are tested free from Covid. FEHT has three properties - Oasia Hotel Downtown, Orchard Rendezvous Hotel and Village Hotel Bugis under this scheme. While it may be wishful thinking that there will be an influx of visitors, I cannot help but think that Singapore is a very attractive destination giving the worsening situation in US and Europe. 2. Transfer Money to Tiger Brokers I plan to get a bit of Ant Group when it opens on 5 Nov and perform 2 fund transfer to Tiger Brokers. a. Transfer 1,200 USD (1,654.56 USD) to Tiger Brokers. Covert in Tiger Brokers, 1,200 USD to 9,287.80 HKD. b. Transfer 4,100 SGD to Tiger Brokers. Convert in Tiger Brokers, 4,100 SGD to 23,173.69 HKD. I wanted to calculate which is the best way to transfer in HKD but I think it is too much work. I just need to know that I have used 5,754.56 SGD to convert to 32,461.48 HKD. This works out to an exchange rate of 1 SGD to 5.64 HKD which is decent. 3. Ant Financial It will be my first time buying a stock in HKEX and I am expecting the opening price to at least double the IPO price. From this news - it does not seem far from my estimation. I will be happy to be able to purchase 100 shares and 200 shares will be a bonus.
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By Derek
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