As Singapore’s largest and most anticipated virtual trading tournament, there were over 2,000 participants during our Elimination round, and only the top 10 traders who made it to the leaderboard can compete in the Final Round. In the Final Round, only the Top 3 will be crowned as Singapore’s Top Traders. Check out last year’s Top traders here.

Now that SG Active Trading Tournament comes to an end, we’ve finally found them.

These are the TOP Traders in Singapore! Congratulations!

In 3rd in place @tradingnote Wee Yi Xiang (18.55% total portfolio returns), with the prize of $1000 cash! 

In 2nd in place is @kennychia Kenny Chia (18.74% total portfolio returns), with the prize of $2000 cash!

And finally, our Ultimate Winning  Trader, @thebearprowl Aaron Sim (28.14% total portfolio returns), with the Grand Prize of $4000 cash!