We’ve launched Endowment Exchange!

We have launched our sister website – Endowment Exchange! And we’d appreciate any help we can get from our IQ readers!  

What we do: We buy over existing endowment policies from individuals, and pay more than what is offered by the policy’s surrender value! The process is entirely legal.

We need your help!

If you know someone planning to surrender their endowment policy, please let them know that they can potentially get a higher price by selling to us! It takes 3min to get a quote from us! Alternatively, we’re on WhatsApp at 9180 7546.

If you know an insurance agent, please let them know that we provide a rebate for successful referrals! They just need to drop us a WhatsApp at 9180 7546.

Secret Bonus…

If you’ve been dying to find out what Player 1 and Player 2 look like… the answer to this can be found at EndowmentExchange.com

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