For the past couple of days I have been reading up on how to optimize my CPF. With multiple queries to CPF. Their service is top mark so if you have any question, they are the key folks to go to. Do note following is what i understand and could be wrong so please DYODD.

My notes.

  1. CPF Transfer to loved ones

There is no Tax Incentives. Both Givers and Receivers need to meet certain condition for this to happen. From OA to either SA or RA depending on receivers age. The Givers also need to have certain amount of CPF before this is allowed.  One thing that caught my surprise is that they have a rule where if your love ones passed away, the unused portion of the CPF given by you will be returned back to your CPF. I thought this is interesting. (link)

  1. Income Threshold for Spouse/Siblings

What is interesting is that