Hey guys, Financial Pebble has been inactive for the past few months. I’ve been busy finding another job and I’m glad I found one. Amidst this pandemic, I know I’m lucky. However, things weren’t so smooth.

In fact, I started my job hunt ever since I reached my 2 year mark with this company(need to pay off school loans). I’ve been actively looking for another role outside.

I sent out close to 40 applications via Linkedin, spoke with recruiters, people within my own network etc. Out of these, I probably got rejected from 90% of the applications.

I went for more than 10 zoom interviews. Some of them didn’t materialize. I was either too qualified, or underqualified. Initially, I wanted to give up. But I told myself to press on. No matter what, I have to find another job by the end of 2020. As a result, I finally got an offer with a small company.