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The $1 SRS Strategy
By Wealthdojo  •  November 17, 2020
It is 45 days before the end of the year. Have you accomplished your 2020 goals? Whether it is a financial goal or a fitness goal, the good news is that we have another 52 days left. In the 6 Levels Wealth Karate, we talked about many strategies while you embark on your wealth management journey. Today, I want to congratulate each and every one of you for being invested in your financial journey. If my blog has helped you, I would appreciate if you could comment how you have benefited in the comments below. If you have not started, it’s okay. This article will be the easiest way to start to start. Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) Previously, I have already talked about SRS. In this semi viral article, I described the 5 things you need to know about SRS when you are 40 and older. Personally, I believe that SRS may be suitable for someone who is 40 years old and above....
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By Wealthdojo
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