When we are young, our parents always told us to share.
We have a toy, we are told to share…

Have you ever wondered, why should we share?
Should we share? Is it right to share?
Why is deemed selfish when one does not share?

Yet somehow, when we grow up, we aren’t expected to share.
Sure, some folks may talk about charity, but… most of the time, in the cases of charity, we are sharing the scraps of what we have. Usually, in the case of charity, we share the stuff we don’t want or need. We do charity in our spare time, we donate money that we don’t need.

So as a kid, I’m playing with a toy. And someone else wants it. And I’m still playing with it.
Why would a parent ask the kid to share it?
When we grow up, no one is going to ask us to share our car when we are