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I noticed that there are a lot of cashback card promos ending soon (some earlier than others) so I did a calculation on how much cashback one could get right now. The spoiler is already in the title, but here’s the breakdown:

New to bank customers

New to Citi: $300 via PayNow (make 1 transaction, no min spend)
New to StanChart: $200 via PayNow (min spend $80)
New to DBS: $200 (make 1 transaction, no min spend)
New to Amex: $160 (min spend $500)
New to HSBC: $150 (min spend $800)
New to Maybank: $100 (min spend $250/month for 2 months)

Some of them require minimum spendings, but even if you’re not going to do much Christmas shopping this year, the first three cards already give $700 in cash and cashback with very little spending required. Of course, you may also pick the Apple Watch SE and Sony headphones if you so desire.