A couple months back, I wrote on article on the 3 Best Singapore REITs to buy in Singapore.

All 3 were retail/ office REITs, because I felt there was the most opportunity in that space.

Many of them are trading at 30% – 50% discount to book value, which I thought was not justified. At that kind of prices, as long as you stick with a good sponsor and good properties, it’s a ridiculous margin of safety, and very strong upside when COVID eventually comes under control.

BUT – Quite a few readers asked me for a list that would exclude retail / office buildings.

The thinking was that nobody knows how COVID-19 would play out. Who knows how many Robinsons will go under, and how many companies will have permanent flexi work from home (like DBS announced the past week).

Fair point.

Basics: COVID-Proof REITs

So in this article, I challenged myself to come up with 3 of the top COVID-proof REITs to buy in Singapore.