Savings Accounts:

With the low interest rates globally, not many choices to maximize your savings account compared to last year but these are the few that I still use:

BOC Smartsaver

Cap at S$80,000 gives 1.45% p.a if you credit at least S$6k salary, pay three $30 bills and spend $1,500 in a month. For credit card spending, you can top up any wallet and it will be counted. The pay three bills method, you can pay $30 three times to the same payee and it will still be counted. Still a useful account, which beats all three of our local banks.


I have written about this account here. It has recently been nerfed from 2.5% to 2%. It is a savings plan where you can fund your account and start earning approximately 2% pa interest for the first $10k and 1% pa for the next $90k. Really a hassle free park and forget account.