Dear Parents and Children,

Congratulations for making through your PSLE. It is time for fun, leisure and also putting the Singaporediscovers vouchers to use. But save this link because you will be needing it next year when your children start their secondary school.

Your Secondary School Pocket Money Guide

Your child is 12, capable of making good decision (although sometimes you might disagree) and entering into their next phase of their lives. It will be an exciting journey for them. As parents, one of the best things you can do is to prepare adequately for them financially (This is what you can do to help yourself: 6 Levels Wealth Karate). The day to day cost of studying in primary school and secondary school are very different. In this article, I hope to give a guide on how much pocket money to give your children.

A big thank you to Josarah, Vivien, Yitong, HongMing, Xueting, Alcina and many others who helped made this article possible.