hristmas is coming so Uncle8888 is giving out this Secret Formula for free!

This Secret Formula has been tested and verified as true working formula over 21 years across market cycles of Bulls and Bears to create wealth from stock market through long-term investing and short-term trading

Secret Formula = N x (Buy Low. Sell High) + N x Panadols + N x Golden Eggs +  n x (Buy – Hold)

Where n << N and Hold = current stock price

For examples

SGX : Bought Back @ $8.89 for Round 8

DBS : Round 24 – 1 : Sold @ $24.89

Wilmar : Round 12 Sold at $4.38 and Average $4.37

Cut your losses short and let your winners run???

Create Wealth From Long-term Investing and Short-term Trading (2)

Don’t Time The Market???