Read? This Book Rich Dad Poor Dad (2)

Singapore Man of Leisure14 December 2020 at 00:01:00 GMT+8


Well, you figure it out.

Is it better to be a landowner that can afford to pay multi millions to a CEO?

Or is it better to collect multi millions as a CEO sellsword ;)

The rule of thumb is for every dollar you pay a CEO, as a landowner, you would expect him to earn ten dollars back for you.

Anything less, you kick him out!

The definition of “passive” differs whether one is landowner, shepherd, or sheep:

Landowner – Exchange gold for talent. Practices To Insure Performance (TIP).

Shepherd – Exchange gold for time. Why do it yourself when you can pay others to do it for you?

Sheep – 5 minutes a day. No brains needed. Outsource thinking to others. Just follow blindly.

(1) a wry smile and chuckle!

Do you have an ideal job? I believe many don’t;