Trading is not difficult, it is just scary if you are doing it blindly

Once in a while, Loopholes Singapore will do one post that is more practical than philosophical and this is exactly what I intend to do today. Furthermore, this post will be Loopholes Singapore’s 200th post so I feel it’s apt to share something which I feel is especially valuable to my patrons.

Today’s post will be focused entirely on the amount of capital you will need to trade and get returns that makes sense. Firstly, I would like to point out that these tips are not foolproof but this is how I trade stocks myself so this is definitely tested and proven. That said, trading is not for everyone, however, for those of you out there who are interested to hear first hand from a trader, you can read on and try to understand as much as possible before you start trading yourself.

What will you gain by the end of this post?

  • Why you will never put money into Fixed Deposit or any saving plans which pays less than 3% guaranteed.