Real estate is a topic very close to my heart, to the extent that I even visit showflats as a hobby. This explains why I am more than happy to review the book “Behind the Scenes of the Property Market” by Vina Ip. The book is broken down into 5 short and easy to follow chapters.


In a refreshing approach, Vina starts the book by showing how one can lose money in properties. This is vastly different from other books which only focus on educating investors on how to make money from investing in properties. Here are some of the pitfalls commonly made by amateur property investors:

  • You have no clue
  • You follow the herd
  • You buy out of paiseh
  • You buy into the hype

One particular segment “You think the grass is greener” resonates closely with me. I have previously shared that my dad lost a significant chunk of the household money by investing in 2 commercial units in Malaysia.