Hey everyone!

Season’s Greetings  I’m back after a busy month, so apologies for that. Anyway, we are in the final days of 2020 as we embark into a hopefully-better 2021. This year has been nothing short of eventful – there was the COVID-19 Pandemic (and a vaccine that took an unbelievably short time to get approved, rendering whatever I studied during my undergrad days inaccurate hahaha), a Singapore General Election, the US Presidential Elections, and multiple environmental catastrophes (oh no).

That said, 2020 has also been very exciting to watch in terms of the stock market and the investment space. Here, I will be writing about 7 lessons that I have learned the past year that we can all bring into 2021.

1. What happened in 2020 isn’t normal

In 2020, we experienced one of the more ferocious and fastest stock sell-offs we have seen in a long time. In the space of just five weeks, the S&P 500 lost more than a third of its value, and many stocks fell by almost 30%.