Life is all about decisions – those thousands of decisions that we take every single day. And luck – lots of luck in a world of randomness and serendipity.

A life-skill I have written about before “Luckily I am so lucky“.

Let me muse about that other skill – decision-making.

Basically, it should work like this: To make reliably good decisions, you simply weigh how right you think you are against how sorry you will be if you turn out to be wrong.

Whether you should take a risk depends not just on the probability that you are right but also on the consequences if you are wrong.

That sounds simple enough, right? But there is a small mental hurdle called ‘regret’.


I personally know a lot of people – myself included – who ultimately made big life decisions largely based on the path of least regret. These decisions are almost always described as the best decisions they’ve ever made. Go figure.