This must be one of the most bewildering years that I have ever lived. For a start, I felt that it passed by too quickly. My mind feels that it is probably only September now. Perhaps, this is to account for the Circuit Breaker that took place when everything was just so new and yet so abnormal. Ironically, I was counting down the days then as they were painfully long and slow. As a result, 2020 will forever be firmly imprinted on my mind. Perhaps, experiencing a pandemic as an adult weighed heavier on my shoulders compared to when I was a student during the SARS outbreak. Despite how topsy-turvy 2020 has been, I still managed to find 10 highlights in my life that I am grateful for and would look back on fondly.


This easily ranked as the top achievement and probably one that was the most underestimated. My wife is a counsellor and she knows first-hand the toll that Circuit Breaker had taken on the mental health of some.