As the bull market continues, stock prices keep going up and this has contributed to the rise in our investment portfolio. I track its performance on StocksCafe and I’m seeing more green now as stock gains climb. While I’m happy with the results of our investment actions taken in 2020, I reckon a sustained bull market this year would be bad for us. After all, we are still working at our jobs, earning salary income and should continue to be buyers of stocks for as long as we can. If stock prices continue to rise, it gets more difficult and expensive to take positions in the market.

Anyway, I already wrote about my 2021 goal for our robo advisors – StashAway and DBS DigiPortfolio in my previous post. I’m going to elaborate more about my 2021 goal for the rest of our investment portfolio. While ETFs with exposures to a variety of markets globally form the majority of our holdings, the proportion of local and