Apparently the mantra in January every year has always been “New Year, New Me”.

It’s logical because when resolutions are made, for a majority of people, they hope to achieve some kind of break-through that makes them a better person by year-end.

Increasingly, I think the new year resolution for folks after their 40s should instead be “New Year, Old Me”.

As we get old, the struggle is not achieving new things. The struggle is maintaining the engine at a tip-top shape. Status quo can be a great reason for celebration.

  • If you can hold onto your old job, it’s a blessing.
  • If you can still do some simple coding and decipher a bash script, good for you.
  • If you can still run 3km, celebrate it. (It’s a big deal for me.)
  • If your paycheck was the same as 2019, hallelujah!

There are of course some things that tend to get better with age