My previous loan with DBS was a floating FHR8 + 1.45% with $288 cash rebate. That works out to be 2.05% pa as FHR8 is now 0.6%. No very attractive at this low interest rate environment.

The recent sg bank stocks price surge is partly due to a spike in US 10 years Treasury which is now at 1.101%. Very hard to predict where the rates are heading to, so its best to reprice my loan to a longer term fix rate to hedge against a potential continued rise.

We did our repricing online with DBS recently and this is the loan package we have repriced to:

The good thing about repricing is that you do not need to find/pay a lawyer and there are no charges involved. The new loan will also be effective the very next month. This new loan looks decent because its 1.5% pa for 5 years fixed(that is 0.55% lower than our previous rate).