I thought I continue my series of reviewing my each year. Both to remember and to see where I can improve.

On my personal finances

Achieved investing savings target of 24k/yr, achieved 30.9k.

Total savings achieved after everything else would be 40.4k.

Despite some replacement costs as well as some adhoc 1-time spend, overall savings increased. I noticed I have a similar situation last year so will monitor to see the recurrence, though the effect is less pronounced, probably due to some additional measures to create more buffers.

I saw a recommendation from Kyith’s blog post about saving 75% of any windfall, no matter the size, as well as for any increment. I think I will take that approach for now.

My current net profit margin from work has increased from 59% to 61.3%, exceeding the 60% mark, achieving my KPI of increasing my savings rate by at least 1%.